Students From Bedford Participate In Innovative Projects

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BEDFORD, N.Y. --  Students from Bedford took part in innovative projects that allowed for experimentation outside the classroom, from Dec. 3 through Dec. 18 at the Pomfret School in Pomfret, Conn. 

Noah Grimeh of Bedford was a member of the student-faculty team whose project was entitled "Follow the LEEDer: Multiple Approaches to Sustainable Housing."

Charlotte Grunebaum of Bedford Hills was a member of the student-faculty team whose project was entitled "In Their Own Words: The Story of Project Pomfret."

In "Follow the LEEDer" students took part in one of the twenty-nine innovative projects among them designing and building a real footbridge, conducting statistical and laboratory analyses on the economic and nutritional value of organic produce, and trying to make sense of the Middle East, the environment, hip-hop music, the practicality of dams and actually producing and using biodiesel fuel.

"Project Pomfret" was an experimental retooling of the 120 year old school's academic matrix, harvested from the year of self-examination that resulted in a new strategic plan. It was based on the principles of project-based learning.

Everyone involved received a chance to learn outside of the classroom and focus on their one particular topic. The goal was to make the learning viable and real.

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