Kat-Lewisboro Schools Chief: Longer Days Not The Answer

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Schools Superintendent Paul Kreutzer questions whether some of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education proposals can work in Katonah-Lewisboro. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

CROSS RIVER, N.Y. – Katonah-Lewisboro Schools Superintendent Paul Kreutzer is not sure that some of the proposals Gov. Andrew Cuomo made during his state of the state speech last week would be apropos for his school district.

Cuomo proposed full-day kindergarten for low-income students, as well as longer school days and years – programs that would be paid for through competitive grants.

Kreutzer said that some of Cuomo’s proposals weren’t a fit with the district’s demographics.

“A lot of [the proposals] were geared for schools in high need,” Kreutzer said. “For those students, spending more time in school is a good thing. The more exposed they are to the environment, the better a child does.”

He also said that lengthening the school day and year might not be a good thing for students who are already under a great of pressure.

“It’s not a case of needing more time to just do more,” he said. “Some [students] actually need to pull back a little. They are staying up until midnight drinking caffeine.”

Kreutzer said that every school district’s needs are different.

“Everyone needs something different – there needs to be more customization,” he said. “I want the state helping our students, but there’s no one blanket solution.”

In his speech, the governor didn’t say how much money he would make available for the programs — or how the districts would continue funding the programs after the grants run out

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