Author Laurence Pringle Gives Writing Tips At Meadow Pond Elementary

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Laurence Pringle gives elementary school students suggestions to improve their writing. Photo Credit: Contributed

KATONAH, N.Y. -- Noted author Laurence Pringle visited students at Meadow Pond Elementary School in mid December.

Pringle has published more than 100 children’s books, most of which are non-fiction and animal related. During his two-day visit, he shared his stories and expertise with the students.

On the first day, Pringle worked with each grade level on a rotating basis. He discussed his books and answered questions. During the second day, he held writing workshops in the multipurpose room with each fourth and fifth grade class.  The students listened to the author as he detailed methods that can improve writing. He advised them to avoid “dump truck writing.”

“Don’t just dump all the facts and information," said Pringle. 

"You want to zoom in on specifics that would be fun for the reader to know. Make the reader eager to keep reading.”

After discussing subject choices, the author asked the students to spend five minutes writing two to three lead sentences of a non-fiction piece. Students volunteered to share their sentences and Pringle offered them suggestions.

The six-member Meadow Pond compact team arranged for Pringle’s visit, which was funded by the PTA. Teaching assistant and team member Patty Trapasso explained that this program focused on Common Core non-fiction writing. It provided an excellent opportunity for students to interface with an established author who was willing to mentor and share important insight.

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