New Poll Shows Cuomo Maintains 2-To-1 Lead Over Astorino

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a 2-1 margin over Rob Astorino.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a 2-1 margin over Rob Astorino. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo still maintains a 2-to-1 advantage over Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in the race for governor, according to the most recent Quinnipiac University poll.

The poll shows Cuomo, a Democrat,  enjoying a 56-28 percent advantage over Astorino, a Republican. This number remains largely unchanged  compared to a poll released in May that had Cuomo leading 57-28 percent. 

Even Cuomo's involvement in the Moreland Commission investigation hasn't had much of an impact on the Democratic incumbent's lead. 

The poll says 50 percent of voters say they disapprove of the way Cuomo is handling ethics in government, but 49 percent say they feel he would do a better job than Astorino. 

Astorino still remains largely unknown throughout the state, with 51 percent of voters not knowing enough about the GOP candidate to form an opinion. 

Click here to read the full poll results. 

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Comments (6)

Pretty Funny how this articles claims about or states the Polls favor Cuomo even with his involvement with the Moreland Commission . That's cause most people don't know about it...Kind of like most people did not know about when he was the Attorney General and he apparently helped with the cover up of a Pensions Fraud Scam within a Police Dept. in his Hometown of New Castle, (Chappaqua). Bet ya none of knew about that one....Go do some research on it and see what the outcome of it was...Go see what he did (or in this Case what he did not do) to the Police Lt. and other Police Officers and Town Administrator and Board Members that were involved and help cover up the Pensions Frauds.....I am sure you will be appalled and shocked ....He is a Total Disgrace and a Lying Deceitful Human-being......And you all wonder why Pension Costs and Medical Benefits are so High.... Maybe it because People Like Cuomo and his Minions condone this type of Crap (CRIME) that costs us The Taxpayers......I say strip them all of their Pensions and Benefits.... Punishment Fits The Crime......PERIOD...

How about his role as head of HUD under Clinton? Very easy to connect the dots to his tenure at HUD and the ramping up of the Community Reinvestment Act to the housing bubble and crash a decade later. Funny how the media never brings this up either.

In September, this thing will heat up and the gap will close big time. Big money donors are coming out of the woodwork for Astorino: Carley Fiorino and now David Malpass. These idiotic "Republicans for Cuomo" are laying low..they know they are selling out to a corrupt statist. Cuomo has a fight on his hands with the Marxist Teachout. Her running mate may wind up being Cuomo's lieutenant governor. Eventually, Cuomo will have to debate Rob..and he will have a real fight on his hands.

It seems it doesnt matter how corrupt a politician is in this County or in NYS cause somehow they keep getting elected.
I just dont understand it how people like Cuomo can face the people and continue to run for public office?
I wouldn't vote for Astorino either because he is not much better.
Why can't the people have honest politicians ?
Idk if there is such a thing anymore ! It always about the money with these politicians and never about the people.

Hey Taxpayer, Check out Zephyr Teachout. She is challenging Cuomo in the Democratic Primary on Sept 9. Her specialty is corruption.

I just don't get the residents of this state. Cuomo has done nothing for us and is now being investigated for abuse of power. I'm not sure Astorino can turn NY around but I'd rather vote for anyone other than Cuomo.