Wrong Way Sprain Brook Parkway Driver Charged With DWI

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Photo Credit: Daily Voice

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- New York State Police troopers from Hawthorne reported the arrest of Declan T. Speilman of Fairfield, Conn., on Saturday, March 29, on a charge of driving while intoxicated after he was stopped while driving north in the southbound lanes of the Sprain Brook Parkway.

The report said police received numerous calls of a Jeep driving north in the southbound lanes at an unsafe speed. Troopers stopped the Jeep just north of I-287. Speilman was transported to State Police in Hawthorne and given Standardized Field Sobriety tests, which he failed. He was then transported to Westchester Medical Center, where he consented to a blood test.

Speilman posted bail and was released to a third party to appear in Village of Elmsford Court on April 4 at 9 a.m.

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Comments (9)

Point taken Patrick. But it was quite ridiculous to suggest how that kind of enforcement can work in practice and help reduce wrong way driving in highways. People can always drink at home and/or with friends at parties, etc. Again, the problem seems to be specific to these highways which are often poorly marked. If you've ever been to Europe you would realize the state of disrepair the US highway system is in.

Patrick - do you propose we should ban bars or anywhere else that serves alcohol and 'gets' people drunk?

TJ & Alex - good ideas - but when you are drunk even those ideas won't stop those bent [no pun intended] on going the wrong way. Until we hold those establishments that get people drunk criminally responsible, then these incidents will continue to occur.

Install those traffic spikes/road blockers at entrances like they use at car rentals. That should stop these idiots!

Another alternative would be better lighting and signage but that would be too easy.

i suppose this jerk will get off with a slap on the wrist

"Wrong Way Driving" is happening a lot in Westchester county. This is time for the law makers to be aware of it and take precautions to stop further incidents which may cause fatalities.By installing sirens or special devices to alarm the drivers to stop before causing accidents will prevent accidents.

Let's find out where he was drinking and pull the license from that establishment - forever - and at least this time we can't charge them with a crime involving injury or death to another person in a vehicle - THIS TIME - but it willhappen again...