Sex Offender Is Arrested After Violating Probation, Police Say

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Edward Campbell is charged with violating his probation.
Edward Campbell is charged with violating his probation. Photo Credit: Pound Ridge Police Department

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – A Level 3 sex offender who moved to Pound Ridge in the last few days was accused of talking with teenage girls on Facebook, which is in violation of his probation, Pound Ridge Police Chief David Ryan said.

Edward Campbell, 22, formerly of Mahopac, was arrested in his apartment Thursday. Ryan said he had electronic devices and other items prohibited under the terms and conditions of his release and probation, in addition to the sex offender conditions placed on him.

Ryan said an investigation revealed Campbell used Facebook and other social networking sites to communicate with teenage girls.

In 2012, he was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl, a second-degree felony. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

Pound Ridge police turned Campbell over to Putnam County probation officers Thursday. He will be sent to Putnam County Correction Facility pending further hearings.

Pound Ridge Police are working in conjunction with Putnam authorities on this investigation.

If you believe Campbell contacted your child on Facebook or another social networking site, call Ryan at the Pound Ridge Police Department.

Ryan also reminds all parents to routinely monitor their children’s social networking sites.

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Comments (9)

I applaud Chief Ryan for taking this sick animal off the streets. Campbell uses the guise of a budding rapper to lure his victims into his world. The reality is that he is a no talent, sexual deviant that preys on young girls and will definitely reoffend. As far as his relatives that defend this pervert, I believe in karma. When he goes to State Prison hopefully he will be the victim of a sex crime.

Realitycheck01: condones what his nephew did to a child Thank You chief Ryan for preventing another child from falling victim to this Sex Offender!!!!! Your fine police work prevented victim number 3. If reality check wants to tell a story he should tell the true story!!! He was 20 at the time!!!!!

I know all about the case. This was not his first offense,for the same crime!!! The first time he got a slap on the wrist.(probation) The other victims parents didn't follow through.That's why he is a level 3 (most likely to reoffend)I hope he goes to State Prison, where he can be somebodys bitch!!!! Karma

The problem Bp you don't intimately know the case I do, u just read the lines on the paper, he was 18, she was 14 , 1 wk away from 14. Did u know that Demi lovato started dating a 35 year old when she was 16, she is 22 now with the same guy. Models dress up at 12-16 to look like 25 year olds. There hags after 25. Prime at 14. Society now frowns upon this, but in biblical times and many countries it's ok. I frown upon it as we'll quite frankly, my point is not what he did was ok. My point is they are treating him like a 30 plus individual labeling him a level 3 sex offender. He was a teen. For gods sake not that long ago it was acceptable. Now girls dress up to even look older. My daughter 11 and met a 16 year old in church, he thought she was his age. She said ur to old and he said I date 11,12,13,14, and 15 year olds. Omg in 2 years he is in trouble. He's a level 3 if I chose to go after him or any body else who looks at my baby, I will ruin him just like they ruined my new phew. Why should I have mercy. For looking at someone's else's iPad he could get 7 years. His life is over we r just not rich enough to buy him out of this. I would take him but my daughter 11 they would not allow it. He can't go to a park a beach by a school out of state find a job or go on the net. His future is jail because this system failed this kid.

Reality Check. If I read that correctly, she was 13 and he was either in high school or college and she was probably in middle school. If you even remotely think that is acceptable behavior, I think you have issues. The police did their job here because this guy was breaking the rules of his probation. If he was such a great kid, why was he looking for an apartment. Have in move in with you. I applaud the police for taking yet another child predator off of the streets. Perhaps a few days in jail will remind him to follow the rules of his release. Another Great job by law enforcement !!!!!! Thank you for protecting all of us !!

He just turned 18 when this happened and she was a week away from 14 both teens, he was in jail till 2012 when he got officially charged. He's labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. He is 120 lbs and has ADHD was staying in pound ridge for 3 weeks till he got his own apartment, he was trying to hold on to a job that he found which is next to impossible because of this charge. This is the the biggest headline of pound ridge. This is the true story. Yes he was apparently on the net in a chat that May have teen girls(May) not even his own iPad. Guess what even though he probably wasn't doing anything but yapping with people because his goal is to try to build his rap business. He may go to jail for a long time. Chief Ryan this kid is not a threat. His life is gone now pretty much because you found him online. My mom his grandmother is turning in her grave. He has fallen threw the cracks and we hope for mercy on him in the court system, but this makes him sound like a monster. I can understand everyone seeing this and freaking but he paid in jail for 2 years. Edward we love you!!!!

Dear Jesus , Dear Mommie up in heaven Help your son Eddie. He's a good boy, but a stupid young man. Please let this not be his lot in life. He was not a 50 year old man with a child he was a teenager with ADHD Murderers suffer less then being labeled a pervert. God knows he lost his own childhood. Check out young female teens dressed up like adults in magazines, listen to music. Society is to blame. Please don't ruin him. forever.

Pound Ridge is the best place to live for many reasons and one is having Chief Ryan, thank you Chief!

Great job, Chief Ryan.
Thank God we have him.