Cocaine, Marijuana Seized In Major Westchester Drug Bust

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More than $2 million worth of cocaine and marijuana was seized in a major drug raid that led to the arrest of two Yonkers men and 14 others.
More than $2 million worth of cocaine and marijuana was seized in a major drug raid that led to the arrest of two Yonkers men and 14 others. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Two Yonkers men and 14 others were arrested Thursday after a major multiagency investigation took down a drug ring that stretched from New York City north through Westchester and the Hudson Valley to the Newburgh area and seized large amounts of cocaine and marijuana, according to the Westchester District Attorney's Office.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies executed search warrants for 22 locations and 10 vehicles in Yonkers, New Rochelle, Hopewell Junction, Newburgh and the Bronx.

As a result of the search warrants, authorities recovered 4 kilograms of cocaine, 40 pounds of marijuana, three kilo presses, seven handguns, one shotgun, one bulletproof vest, $487,000 in cash, numerous cellphones and drug paraphernalia.

More than 250 investigators, police officers and special agents from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Westchester District Attorney’s Narcotics Initiative, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the FBI, New York State Police, Greenburgh Drug and Alcohol Task Force, ICE-Homeland Security Investigations, Yonkers Police, Village of Ardsley Police, New York Police Department, federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office were involved in the arrests.

The nine-month investigation involved electronic surveillance, undercover drug buys, pole cameras and GPS devices attached to some of the subjects’ vehicles.

Jason Nieto, 29, of Yonkers was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, second-degree conspiracy and fourth-degree conspiracy.

Louis Crespo, 31, of Yonkers, was arrested in Greene County in January in connection with the investigation. He was arrested with an associate and was found with 800 grams of cocaine and 4 pounds of marijuana, the release said.

Twelve of the 14 other men arrested are from the Bronx, one is from Albany and the other is from Easton, Pa.

Nieto's older brother, Juan Nieto, 31, of the Bronx, was accused of orchestrating the cocaine transactions out of two locations in the Bronx, the release said.

In addition, on six occasions between August and December 2013, Jason Nieto sold large amounts of cocaine to a New York State Police undercover investigator in Yonkers, the release said.

Authorities believe that Juan Nieto oversaw the sale of more than $2 million worth of drugs. He will be charged as a "major drug trafficker."

“Law enforcement from all levels, federal, state and local, collaborated in a multi-jurisdictional effort that stretched from New York City to the Hudson Valley," Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore said in a statement. "This coordinated effort resulted in the takedown of a major narcotics trafficking operation in New York State."

Jason Nieto and Crespo face up to 20 years in prison on the charges.

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take away the black Market from these "evil doers" and they will have nothing to thrive on. Marijuana is 75% of their profits. Take away the income source and cripple them overnight, while at the same time having a controlled and regulated market where responsible adults can purchase Marijuana without fear of unnecessary incarceration and it will be HARDER for kids to get (just like alcohol) the program in Colorado has been wildly successful and teen use has DROPPED significantly.

yet I do commend the officers for their work on getting these criminals off the streets. there is a desperate need for a different approach when it comes to Marijuana, and that approach is coming

Congratulations to our DA DiFiore.

It is shameful that some of our politicians and lawmakers are supporting marijuana, so our children are very excited and they have a tendency to use it at a very early age. There is a propaganda that drugs like marijuana help to boost the brain. But that is absolutely wrong. it is also interesting that some of the politician's families are addicted to drugs, that is why they are trying to promote drugs. Any way, promoting drugs is not a good idea, no matter it is medical doctors or politicians, or lawmakers. So, time to defeat the evil doers by all means necessary.