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Bedford Police Release First Annual Report

The Bedford Police Department released its first annual report Friday.
The Bedford Police Department released its first annual report Friday. Photo Credit: Bedford Police

BEDFORD, N.Y. ? The Bedford Police Department released its first Annual Report Friday documenting department functions and accomplishments for calendar year 2011.

"2010 was a transitional year for the department, with the appointment of a new chief [William Hayes] and coping with the most difficult economic conditions in decades," Hayes wrote in the introduction. In 2011, he said, the department continued to try to provide the best professional police service while dealing with a rapidly changing economic climate.

"Our role is to maintain low crime rates and protect public safety in order to keep the Town of Bedford an attractive community in which to live and do business," Hayes wrote. He added that the department will continue to adapt to changing conditions to assure success.

Hayes thanked Town Supervisor Lee V.A. Roberts and the Town Board as well as Bedford residents for their support. He also praised the hard work of the men and women of the department and mentioned several changes made in 2011, including improved operating efficiencies and the introduction of a number of new law enforcement programs.

The full report is available online at the Town of Bedford’s website by clicking on the following link . Printed copies are available at Bedford Police Headquarters and the Bedford Townhouse.