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Letter: Oppose Any Increase In Kat-Lewisboro Budget

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – The Lewisboro Daily Voice accepts signed, original letters to the editor. Email your letters to .

To the Editor:

I've said it before and I will say it again: There should not be a penny's worth of increase in the school budget. In fact what we, the beleaguered taxpayers of Lewisboro, should demand is a school budget reduction, a reduction proportionate to the decline in the school population.

It is encouraging to see now, at long last, a school board that recognizes its obligation to taxpayers and, miraculously, a superintendent who is obviously in accord.

To Superintendent Kreutzer – may I, on behalf of friends and family, extend my best wishes to you for a healthy and happy new year. And please pay no mind to teacher union zealots.

One last word: The Lewisboro Town Board should make plain its disgust with the teachers union; never mind that it has no formal authority over school matters. It should publicize how harmful the union’s outrageous exactions are to all the citizens.

Art Shane Lewisboro