NYSEG: Power Restored To All Customers By Wednesday

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All customers will have power restored by midnight Wednesday, NYSEG announced Sunday.
All customers will have power restored by midnight Wednesday, NYSEG announced Sunday. Photo Credit: Francis T. McVetty

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Virtually all customers will have power restored by midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 7, New York State Electric & Gas announced Sunday. 

Earlier on Nov. 1, the utility company announced that the majority of its customers would get power back by midnight Sunday, and all customers would have their power restored by midnight Wednesday, depending on damage assessments.

NYSEG also said it would be monitoring the impending nor'easter storm that is projected to arrive mid-week, to keep restoration efforts on schedule.

NYSEG’s 518 crews of 3,000 workers continue to work 17-hour days restoring power after the unprecedented damage to its electricity delivery system from Hurricane Sandy, according to NYSEG and RG&E president Mark Lynch.

“Resources continue to be secured to further bolster our restoration efforts and we’re using these skilled individuals in an efficient manner to restore power safely, and as quickly as possible,” Lynch said.

“The additional crews are being added as they are released from utilities and contractors across the country and from Canada."

According to the company, in NYSEG’s Brewster Division, 48,640 (64 percent) of the 75,738 customers who lost power have had service restored.

In NYSEG’s Liberty Division, 20,380 (72 percent) of the 28,772 customers who lost power have had service restored.

As the company completes its damage assessment, estimated restoration times will be established for each outage. NYSEG customers may find these by calling (800) 572-1131 or going here

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Comments (4)

I saw two sets of NYSEG trucks driving around Yorktown today. One of them had several utility poles so clearly they were headed to make repairs somewhere. I saw several Verizon crews on Broad Street repairing an extensive length of downed cables and poles.

NYSEG promised all power restored by Sunday. Now it's Wednesday. Not a soul working on the lines of Route 123. Drive through side streets in Ridgefield and they are working at night with lights on the poles. Not getting power here until they send someone to fix it. Today they told me they are sending trucks down from Canada. Should have thought about that last week.

I hope someone lets NYSEG know in no uncertain terms not to release any crews in the area until all danger from the impending Nor'easter has passed. It would be a shame to have another incident like this last one with NYSEG resources in the wrong location again.
I have seen early estimates on the forecast models of up to 40 MPH winds along with rain. It won't take much to drop some more trees already weakened by Sandy.

I have Con Ed. I got my power back on Thursday but I'm now in the middle of my 2nd outage today. The first was about 10 minutes ago and lasted 2 minutes. I hope this is a result of their doing work and having to disconnect us and be will be back soon. I will NOT be happy if this is another extended outage.

Update: got my power back 10 minutes later. I drove around the neighborhood looking for Con Ed trucks to try to figure out what was going on but couldn't find anyone. Hopefully this is the end of it.