Bedford Receives State Funding To Repair Potholes

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Westchester County cities, villages and towns will receive a total of $1,207,988.17 to repair potholes and roads.
Westchester County cities, villages and towns will receive a total of $1,207,988.17 to repair potholes and roads. Photo Credit: File Photo, Brian Donnelly

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Westchester will receive more than $1 million in state funding to fix damaged roads and bridges. 

State Sen. Greg Ball (R,C,I-Patterson),  announced that the counties would be receiving funding as part of a $40 million statewide allotment in the 2014-15 New York State Budget. Westchester County will receive a total of $1,207,988.17, according to a press release.

Ball, whose district includes Cortlandt, Peekskill, Mount Kisco, New Castle, Lewisboro, Pound  Ridge, North Salem, Somers and Yorktown, is asking for the community’s assistance to identify dangerous potholes in need of repair. 

“This brutal winter has taken a toll on all of us, but none us took it quite as bad as our roads. As the winter progressed, local governments struggled to stay on top of the weather while staying within their budgets. I was happy to work with my colleagues to deliver this much needed funding to help our local governments repair our roads and fix the potholes that this winter has left behind,” said Ball. “I am now enlisting the support of the community to help us identity the areas that are in dire need of attention. I have created a form on my website where residents can report potholes, so I can work with our local governments to expedite the process and get our roads back in good condition.”

The $40 million in funding will be added to the state's Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS).

The following is a listing of all Westchester cities, towns and villages slotted to receive the funding: 

  • County of Westchester $91,199.37
  • City of Mount Vernon $58,864.42
  • City of New Rochelle $92,128.57
  • City of Peekskill $23,463.42
  • City of Rye $30,261.28
  • City of White Plains $64,451.88
  • City of Yonkers $175,598.79
  • Town of Bedford $30,196.84
  • Town of Cortlandt $34,646.52
  • Town of Eastchester $13,927.78
  • Town of Greenburgh $35,247.22
  • Town of Harrison $20,292.12
  • Town of Lewisboro $16,726.64
  • Town of Mamaroneck $9,839.85
  • Town of Mount Pleasant $28,402.90
  • Town of New Castle $26,201.81
  • Town of North Castle $21,122.98
  • Town of North Salem $11,519.12
  • Town of Ossining $4,326.24
  • Town of Pound Ridge $14,877.06
  • Town of Somers $25,185.38
  • Town of Yorktown $43,955.97
  • Village of Ardsley $11,864.57
  • Village of Briarcliff Manor $21,719.70
  • Village of Bronxville $12,451.87
  • Village of Buchanan $5,514.66
  • Village of Croton on Hudson $16,265.72
  • Village of Dobbs Ferry $11,931.52
  • Village of Elmsford $7,579.13
  • Village of Hastings on Hudson $15,890.14
  • Village of Irvington $10,212.28
  • Village of Larchmont $12,936.24
  • Village of Mamaroneck $26,556.45
  • Village of Mount Kisco $12,022.32
  • Village of Ossining $23,475.34
  • Village of Pelham $11,755.77
  • Village of Pelham Manor $12,119.00
  • Village of Pleasantville $10,987.05
  • Village of Port Chester $24,262.46
  • Village of Rye Brook $6,327.93
  • Village of Scarsdale $46,745.22
  • Village of Sleepy Hollow $11,332.29
  • Village of Tarrytown $15,581.74
  • Village of Tuckahoe $8,020.61
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Comments (12)

Removed by The Daily Voice per Town Board Resolution depicting a new "friendship" between the Voice and the Town Board. This was my reply to Feiner's comment.

Tax Cap meet Fortress Bible settlement. Greenburgh taxpayers have to pay $5,500,000 because Paul Feiner again broke the law and lied. $5,500,000 which could have repaired 5.5 miles (using his figure) of unincorporated roads which are in bad condition (using his words).
Tax Cap meet vacant WESTHelp facility. 108 affordable housing units remaining vacant and deteriorating in unincorporated Greenburgh because Paul Feiner REFUSED to meet with County officials (two ignored invites by Feiner) to work out a deal to extend the expiring lease with WESTHelp. The lease expired September 2011 and even though it had brought Greenburgh a net $1,200,000 each year of its 10 year term ($12,000,000), Mr. Feiner would not sit down to talk. As the three year vacancy anniversary approaches (and the years remaining on the master lease with the County decline), readers can plug in any number of their choosing as probable rent from WESTHelp had Feiner extended their lease and then take that number and see how many miles of roads in bad condition could be paved.
Tax Cap meet the sale of the former Frank's nursery now owned by Greenburgh. Apart from the far more intriguing back story of Feiner's suspect behavior regarding his advocacy of one particular party, the facts remain that he 1) tried to force an illegal square peg in a round hole by leasing the property instead of selling it as required by law...remember "$5,000,000 for Greenburgh" which never happened. 2) he tried to sell it to this particular party for $1,300,000 with a non-binding promise of an additional $1,700,000 over time -- if conditions were met but then dropped the sale when another bid of $3,500,000 all cash appeared -- if conditions were met. 3) he announced an auction of the property for December 2013 then cancelled the auction 4) he is now in the midst of producing a reality show for the benefit of taxpayers and voters in which he has cast himself as host of a bunch of real estate "professionals" pose as applicants seeking to market the property for huge commissions. Using the Town Hall auditorium as the soundstage, applicants make presentations having nothing to do with the Frank's site and the one that most pleases the host is given private coaching by the show's executive producer, Tim Lewis. Viewers are entertained by how the Town Board continues to ignore asking the right questions while Feiner continues to advise viewers that the show is an example of transparency. Meanwhile, in the four years of its ownership, the Town continues to fund district taxes while producing no revenue to repave roads in bad condition.
Meanwhile, NYS officials continue to wonder why two years ago Greenburgh pressured them to pass hastily an amendment to the Finneran law so that Greenburgh could lease its tennis courts to an operator for off-season use. A deal that was supposed to bring in millions of dollars some of which could have been used to repave bad roads. A deal that never happened. While in the interim, Feiner continues to look for opportunities to criticize NYS government and by doing so to promote himself at their expense.
Feiner continues to wonder why Albany doesn't love him and provide more relief for Greenburgh's hard-pressed taxpayers who saw their taxes go up again in part to give Feiner and the part-time Town Council members a salary increase.
Taxpayers and voters should, but don't, recognize how much less in taxes they could save if Feiner spent more time managing the Town responsibly rather than awarding certificates of appreciation, celebrating the disease of the month, singing the praises of unsung heroes and finding ways to "honor" citizens by creating photo ops so that the honorees, their families and friends will continue to support his re-election. When these 15 minutes of famers sit down to write checks to pay Town taxes, they might consider how much that photo of them with the Feiner and the Town Board has really cost them.
Hal Samis
Submitted on April 11, 2014 - 7:07am.edit reply

We dont need pot hole repairs in somers we need new roads. Routes 100,138,139,1216ft and 202, look like something from a third world country. They are literally falling apart along with all the storm drains collapsing in to thier own holes. This does not include the tons of litter that line all the state roads in somers. The dot should be ashamed of themselves to let the roads deteriorate like they did. Interstate 684 is another eyesore. From Brewster down past exit 5 the entire stretch needs a complete overhaul.
spending money on patchwork is a freaking joke

They entire NorthEast of the USA is like this. The filthy garbage that lines every highway is appalling. Its not like that out West. Even in urban SanDiego and Phoenix you never see this endless garbage on the side of the road. We are moving away from the filth and decay. That apect of the east is entrenched. But DOT puts up these pretty little "Adopt a Highway" signs and businesses get a free ad on the side of the road while leaving the trash to build up and sit - never having comply with the DOT rules, or their own conscience. The people these days don't even notice the filth and garbage. I guess its part of the landscape and hard to see when obsessed with one's cell phone. As a breed, "pigs" have poor eyesight and love the smell.

Maybe if Feiner spent less time flagging comments and tweeting about the Fairview Firechief he could fill in the potholes himself.

The BBC recognizes that 5 million gentiles were killed in the Holocaust, too. These included Freemasons, gypsies, homosexuals, and political dissidents. But he should attend Holocaust sensitivity training because he was mad that Feiner wanted to consolidate fire departments?

Throwing more taxpayer dollars at a blatantly broken political system is not the solution. Fix the system, then fix the potholes.

how about a timetable for fixing Gallows Hill Road??

You're so full of it you wreak! Our great Town employees are the heros here and you cost us more and more money: $6.5 MILLION in the Fortress Bible decision; 3.6 MILLION lost from WestHelp; $3.5 MILLION lost with Frank's Nursery NOT being sold while you give your developer friends all kinds of breaks. That's a lot of black top that won't be put down! And, you jerk, this is not for repaving, but filling potholes. You're a joke - its just not funny!

Perhaps Mr. Bruttell, reporter, might have explained to readers that this additional funding is intended for local road repairs (and County) and NOT intended for the maintenance of State roads which I believe is critical to understand For example in Greenburgh, State maintained roads include Central Park Avenue, Tarrytown Road, Knollwood Road et al as well as County roads -- none of which are the responsibility of those who pay their taxes to the Town of Greenburgh. Thus you see the award of $91,000 to the County within the $40 million -- perhaps the County Executive has a valid complaint. With this is mind, look to your local politicians to do their job of properly maintaining the local roads within their jurisdictions and using the taxes that their residents pay toward such local responsibilities. Sure the State can pay everyone's bills but there is no such thing as free lunch. What the Paul Feiner's of the world seek is for that purpose -- to pass on the cost of their own ineptitude. Make Albany suffer the burden by raising State taxes while hiding the problem originating in their backyards. While I don't know if other communities have to deal with homegrown versions of Paul Feiner but in Greenburgh, seldom is the amount allocated in the Town budget (the published budget is presumed to be the indicator of how your tax dollars will be allocated in the coming year (LOL, hello budget transfer) for roadway and curbing maintenance. With a commitment to following an annual plan for such roadwork AND thereafter this plan carried out, local roads would not be in the sad shape they are.

Then too, don't confuse the cost of repairing of potholes with the cost of repaving which includes milling. It is repaving that may incur the cost of $1 million per mile: not pothole repair. With that in mind, thank Albany for their financial contribution to the problem, don't blame them.

Finally casual readers may wonder why affluent Scarsdale is getting more $46,755 than "Greenburgh's" $35,247 but understand that number does NOT include the over $70,000 earmarked for Greenburgh's six villages.

Mount Vernon residents can expect that most of the money the state sends for "pothole repairs" will be diverted into other "projects" (also known as private bank accounts). The condition of the roads is worse than ever, and they continue to deteriorate. But then when you remember who's running the city, you'll know the reason.

Most pot holes are where there were patches in the roads and where there were pot holes before. Roads need to be repaved or at least sections. The Sprain Brook Parkway had less problems cause it was repaved not so long ago. The work needs to be done before the winter comes. Many of the small pot holes end up getting bigger when no one attends to them.

It costs over $1 million dollars to repave one mile of roads. It's my hope that next year that the state will give local governments more money. Every bit helps but our roads are in bad condition. Local governments are attempting to comply with the tax cap --and our roads are deteriorating.

Here's an idea; why don't you get out there and pave 5.5 miles yourself, the 5.5 miles we can't afford to pave because Greenburgh taxpayers are footing the bill for the judgement against them because YOU were found to have violated the rights of The Fortress Bible Church? But hey! You think it's a better idea to ask for more taxpayer money from the entire state of NY, and blame state gov for a tax cap YOU can't keep because WE have to pay the $5 .5 million. Nervy little bugger, aren't ya?

Such a deal!! Come to Pennsylvania where it costs one million dollars a furlong (1/8th mile)to re-do. That, and about one year+ to complete per mile. Good ole PENDOT. Enjoy your version! But you have such great schools for those high taxes. Sure you do......Keep telling yourselves that. Its worth it. Its such a nice place........Go West, young man.