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Bedford Police Department Radio Malfunctions

The Bedford Police Department broadcast their officers' correspondence to other police stations in Westchester County on Monday because of a radio malfunction.

Officers like those in the Pelham Manor Police Department overheard the Bedford broadcasts because the latter switched to a countywide radio to communicate with each other. Other police stations in the county, like the one in Pelham Manor, had to listen as a result.

But Pelham Manor Police Chief Alfred Mosiello said the desk sergeants and other officers would not have to split their attention between the two departments' broadcasts.

"We can switch onto a private line," Mosiello said. "It's not affecting us."

The Bedford Police Department declined to comment when asked about their radio malfunction. Mosiello said if his department's radio broke, he would call someone to repair it immediately. He said he is confident Bedford has done the same.

"I'm sure they're doing something about it," Mosiello said.