4 Westchester Gas Stations Fined For Post-Sandy Price Gouging

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Long gas lines after Hurricane Sandy led to a state investigation into price gouging.
Long gas lines after Hurricane Sandy led to a state investigation into price gouging. Photo Credit: File

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Four Westchester County gas stations have been fined for price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, according to a statement released by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. 

All four stations were owned by Sammy Eljamal, who agreed to pay $20,000 in fines for excessively raising prices after the storm ravaged the area, according to the attorney general's statement. 

“As thousands of New Yorkers sat in line for hours waiting to buy gasoline during the state of emergency created by Hurricane Sandy, some crooked station owners increased their retail prices by excessive and illegal amounts,” Schneiderman said in the statement. “Today, we are continuing to send the message that ripping off New Yorkers during a natural disaster is against the law and that those who engage in illegal price gouging will be held accountable.”

The following gas stations and their post-Sandy price increases were listed in the latest settlement:

The 202 Gas Mart (Shell), 3709 Crompond Road in Cortland Manor:

Price before the storm: $3.98

Maximum price after the storm: $4.83

Increase in price: $0.85

Yonkers Central Avenue Snack Mart (Shell), 1001 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers:

Price before the storm: $4.20

Maximum price after the storm: $4.90

Increase in price: $0.70

Ardsley Snack Mart (Shell), 730-731 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley:

Price before the Storm: $4.30

Maximum price after the storm: $4.90

Increase in price: $.60

Tarrytown Snack Mart (Shell), 440 South Broadway in Tarrytown:

Price before the storm: $4.26

Maximum price after the storm: $4.60

Increase in price: $0.34

The most recent penalty comes on the heels of more than $300,000 imposed on 47 other businesses for illegal price gouging after Sandy, the statement said. 

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Comments (12)

Why is Eljamal being allowed to remain in business? His gas stations should be padlocked for at least 6 months.

Agree about Armonk. Their prices are completely out of control.

Disgraceful, shame on them all for doing that. I had noticed that the Mobil station on Rt. 9 in Elmsford raised their prices to $4.99/gal. for regular unleaded during that time. To this day I will not go there for gas.

why is this listed and mis-spelled as cortlandt?

Why is what misspelled? The typo is actually in the listing - Cortland Manor: should be Cortlandt Manor: That is the correct spelling. Cortland is the upstate town (which students trashed last week after the football game).

tell the AG to go to Armonk and find out why the Shell station (specifically) and the Sunoco station gauge their prices all year long. it's literally robbing the consumer. it's absolutely disgusting. they are consistently 40 cents above everyone else. it sickens me that nothing is done

It's because gas companies have zones and charge more in some zones than in others (and they are not illegal). In theory, all you need is one station that decides to charge less and the others will come down. However, that doesn't seem to have worked for the overpriced Shell station in downtown Yorktown (which I thought was owned by Sammy). The Mobil station across the street (which I think is also owned by him) had pretty decent prices when I passed by yesterday, obviously competing with a cheap Citgo across the street. But the Shell station was still as high as it always is.

He should have to reimburse every person the price increase amount per gallon who can prove they bought gas at any of those stations during that time.

put the whammy on sammy! BOYCOTT.

A $20k fine? Thats all? He is not disputing that because he made more than that the first day with his gouging! I wonder sometimes how fines are calculated. Make it hurt - make a statement. This man has an empire, he probably carries $20k as chump change.

Thats only 4 of Sammy's stations from his vast empire. I wonder if the others were not caught, lucky or actually legit.

All owned by Sammy, who funded the anti-Costco group in Yorktown (which wants to open a cheap gas station and give him some real competition). What a surprise. If there wasn't enough reason to boycott his stations before, this article should be.